Geothermal Power


Geothermal Power in India

Avin Energy Systems Pvt Ltd has explored possibilities of setting up geothermal power projects in Gujarat. Plans are underway to set up the first 5 MW power generating plant using geothermal energy.

"AVIN"® has already done most of the ground work in regard to geothermal power generation in Gujarat and in the coming future expects to set up geothermal power generating units in Gujarat in the order of 1000 MW capacity which should, in a way, feed the electricity requirements of not only the State but also the neighbouring States.


"AVIN"® invites investors from all over the world to capitalize on this opportunity and be the first to start a geothermal power project in Gujarat with our association. Sites are identified and basic groundwork has been done. This is a very profitable project as there is an ongoing shortage of power not only in Gujarat-India but all over India and there is a vast existing market which is growing by the day as presently established Electricity Boards are not situated to meet current needs and future demands.

Above pictures show surveys carried out at different locations in Gujarat by Mr Avinash Brahmbhatt and International experts

Now we need financiers and investors to get the project off the ground. Interested individuals, parties, firms, companies, banking institutions are welcome to get in touch with us.

Geothermal - Keep yourself cool in summer and warm in winter

We offer total services on a turnkey basis for existing buildings and also for new projects to modify internal environment using geothermal technologies. There is a tremendous savings on electricity bills. Please contact us for further details. Email avinsolar@gmail.com

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