Collector Specification

Collector Specification


A. COLLECTOR BOX - FRP (Fiber Glass Reinforced Body).

Details of Material Thickness and specifications: The housing is a single piece jointless unit moulded from FRP having 2-3mm thickness. FRP body collector housing is all weatherproof, light weight, very strong, extremely durable, self insulating, bad conductor of heat and so increases the efficiency of collector up to 20% by not allowing the energy gained to escape out. It is colorful, streamlined and elegant in appearance and it does not require periodic painting or maintenance.

Tested by CIPET(Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology), FRP body of our collector shows a tensile strength in excess of 800, plus extremely good resistance to acids and alkalies, making it the ideal "body". For good measure we also had a ten year old FRP body of our collector tested at CIPETand the tests showed no deterioration in its physical properties proving beyond any doubt that FRP(fibre reinforced plastic) is yet the best material for the outer shell of the collector.

Specifications of Flat Plate Collector
Type of Absorber Cu-cu Black/ selective coated
Size of Collector 1000w 2030 length 100 depth ( mm)
Cover Plate 4 mm thick toughened glass
Net Absorber area 1.88 sq. meter
Net Collector area Above 2 sq. meters
Absorber Coating Black
Number of Risers 9 nos. Each extra riser increases the efficiency of collector by 9% to 12%.
Fin width (Pitch) 111mm
Riser Tube 9 nos.12.5mm diameter * 0.55mm (24 SWG) Cu tube 9 nos.
Material Copper
Header 25mm diameter * 0.71mm (22 SWG) Cu tube 2 nos.
Method of bonding of riser and header Brazing
Water/ Liquid holding Capacity of collector 2.5 liter / collector
Collector Box Insulation Expanded Polyurethane foam(PUF) + air gap + fibreglass body collector = superior insulation properties. Alternatively glass wool insulation is offered.
End Connection Alloy GM / Multimetal coupling internally threaded to accommodate 25 mm GI pipe for easy assembly and easy maintenance
Type of Collector Collector absorber with built in "AVIN" AUTO DESCALING SYSTEM to prevent/and/or delay formation of scale in the risers and header tubes
Collector weight without water / liquid 38.5 kg approximately