Profile of Mr Avinash Brahmbhatt


Profile of Mr Avinash Brahmbhatt

Chairman & Managing Director of Avin Energy Systems Pvt Ltd and Proprietor of International Engineering & Trading Co.

Pioneer in development of fibreglass solar flat plate collector with the highest efficiency in India.

Pioneer in development of several petroleum based import substitutes in oil exploration field.

The only pioneer in geothermal energy exploration in Gujarat in India who has pushed for its usage and exploitation in India.

Mr. Avinash has over 27 years of experience in non-conventional energy sector with broad research and development experience. He is highly recognized all over the world for his work and entrepreneur achievements. He started his own company "International Engineering & Trading Co." in 1980 to produce & supply import substitute items to different industries. In U.K he gained valuable experience with various engineering and allied companies by their trouble shooting.

At present he is a proprietor of International Engineering & Trading. Co. and Chairman & Managing Director of Avin Energy systems Pvt. Ltd.

He is continuously developing non-conventional energy opportunity in global favor and public cause fighting global warming and other environmental challenges. He has led solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, wind and geothermal divisions of the company for years, advising head of marketing, head of research and development division and invaluable source of inspiration and motivation for company staff.

Have independently researched and developed solar equipments during 1980-84 particularly suited to Indian conditions. He diversified into Wind Energy field in 1988 simultaneously with solar business to deal with small, medium and large wind-turbines for irrigation, flourmills and a prototype dual-purpose windmill developed to generate power to meet the needs of a small rural household as well pump ground water.

Since 1994, he started exploring geothermal and tidal energy for Indian conditions especially Gujarat state. He made communication with Government of Gujarat and India, geothermal resource council and various projects world over in order to contemplate the first ever geothermal project in India. After several tests and study, industry experts have assured the location found by Mr. Avinash viable for the project. He has recently attended Geothermal Resource Council annual conference at Reno, U.S. and met possible partners to realize the project soon.

Patron Life member :- Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA)

Committee member :- Fellow Member

The Society for Advancement of Electro-chemical Science and Technology, Karaikudi

Associate Member

ARDEM (India Chapter

Indo-German Cultural Centre , Ahmedabad

In addition he has deep interests and is extremely knowledgeable about Indian vedic texts, astrology and related topics