FRP Body Collector with Copper Absorber

Product Description  

Solar Flat Plate Collector

Typical Collector Area (sq. m)   

2 sq. mts

Typical Water Delivery (lpd /day)

155 lpd @ 60

Typical Heat Delivery (kCal / day)

5600 kCal/ day/ collector

Temperature range (deg. C)  

60 – 80 degrees

Typical Temperature drop in storage

2 – 5 degrees depending tank during night upon site/weather condition

Collector Energy Generation Capacity

6100 kCal/ day/ collector

Collector Housing

FRP (Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic) Body, 2.5 to 3mm

Number of Risers & Headers

9 nos. & 2 nos respectively

Collector Weight without Water/Liquid

38.5 kg approximately

Water/ Liquid holding capacity of Collector

2.5 litres approximately


Description of materials used
Insulation Material Polyurethane Foam (PUF)
Absorptive coating material Black
Header and Riser Piping Copper-Copper 2 header and 9 risers
Absorber material Copper-Copper Absorber
Glazing Material Toughened/Tempered  Glass









Comparison Table of Solar Flat Plate Collectors  :Materials vs. Life Span  

Sr   Item  

Life Span

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4
15 Yrs & above   10 Yrs & above  5 Yrs or Less 2 Yrs max.
1   Collector Box   FRP Body   Aluminium   Mild Steel Mild Steel
2   Absorber panel Copper Copper Mild Steel/GI Alu or M.S.
3   Fin riser &
Copper  – 9 riser Copper   Steel or Copper   GI/MS
4   Coating Selective Black Selective Black   Black Paint   Black Paint
5   Gasket Seals   Silicone rubber   EPDM   Neoprene/rubber   Rubber
6   Grommets   Silicone rubber   EPDM   Neoprene/rubber   Rubber
7   Cover Glass   Tempered/low iron
float glass   
Toughened window/float     Window Glass  Plain Glass
8   Insulation   Polyurethane or isocyanurates  High density fibre glass/polyurethane  Low density mineral wool  No insulation or less thickness
9   Piping   All Copper   GI Pipe – ‘B’ Class   GI pipe ‘A’ Class
10   Sealants   Silicone   Silicone   Nil   Nil
11   Screws/nuts/bolts   SS/Brass   SS/Brass   Zinc coated MS   M.S.
12   End connections   Gunmetal internal threaded coupling  Flange of copper   GI/MS flange   MS flange
13   Scale prevention   Auto descale   Not available   Not available   Not available