The highest efficiency is achieved by our solar water heating systems resulting in fastest payback and maximum money saving. This is due to our innovative features:

  • Fiberglass Body Collectors-Nil Maintenance and Better Insulation

  • Super special selective absorbers to absorb and retain maximum solar energy and transfer it to water circulating inside the collector piping

  • Auto Descale feature to keep the system in top working condition for years

  • Custom designed units so that each unit matches the needs of the user


Some innovations introduced by the company:

  • Only Solar Water Heating System with Fiber Glass Body Collector

  • First Solar Water Heating System with Auto Descale System


- only one in the whole world!

Auto Descale system collectors are optionally provided to our clients. Hard water fed to solar heating system tends to form scales which choke the tubes of solar collectors. It is desirable to de-scale the system at least once in two years in summer to maintain its performance. Depending on hardness of water more frequent de-scaling may be necessary. Even de-mineralized water can affect the system performance. International Engg & Trading Co. optionally provides. AUTO DE-SCALING SYSTEM which prevents and/or delays the formation of scales inside the collector tubes. This preventive AVIN AUTO DE-SCALING METHOD prevents and/or delays the scale formation. Scale formation is directly related to PPM and/or chemistry of water. In the process of auto de-scaling some external MS nipples, couplings, etc. decay and erode and are required to be replaced periodically which ultimately saves the costly collector. This further improves efficiency and durability.

Consider all parameters carefully before selecting a plastic collector based SWH: price is not the main and only consideration!