Solar Passive Architecture

  • Solar Passive Architecture involves blending architectural principles and solar energy  to fashion interiors which remain warm in winter and cool in summer – year-round comfortable indoor environment.

  • Best Implementation of solar passive architecture takes place at the buidling design stage. Retroactive designing is possible but involves more expense and labour whereas designing a building with solar passive architecture  as the basis makes for a better created  environmentally and aesthetically pleasing workspace.


  • A house cooled/heated with solar passive architecture not only provides a comfortable environment the year round but also saves a lot in energy bills. 

  • “AVIN”  assists architects and prospective homeowners in designing and implementing passive solar architecture to build a structure that will be pleasant to live in irrespective of seasons. This is the future.

  • Sumit Brahmbhatt, our very own chief architect advisor is a LEED accredited professional and will be heading this department of green building and LEED certifications for buildings.

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