Solar Lanterns

Solar Lanterns are a boon to rural households where, after dark, carrying on any sort of work is practically impossible. Especially affected are women and students who find it difficult to work and study solar photovoltaic modulesolar lanterns

“AVIN” Solar Lanterns are the result of extensive study of the markets and requirements of actual users. Main features are :

  • A high quality photovoltaic panel of 10/12Wp capacity
  • A tough moulded plastic body for the electronics and battery and a clear acrylic moulded shell for the lighting.
  • Integrated charge controller and low voltage switch off in the electronics and indicators for charging and low voltage.
  • High quality long life CFL lamp of 7, 9 or 11 watts capacity (7W standard, 9 and 11W optional).
  • A sealed maintenance free battery of 12V, 7/10 Ah capacity.
  • 3 Hour operation with 7 Watt CFL, slightly less with 9 and 11W.
Introduction of solar lanterns has changed life dramatically in such areas solar lanterns
Women can now work 3 hours after finishing their household chores and supplement income of the household. solar lanterns
Students can study for 3 hours Solar Lanterns
Solar Lanterns are revolutionising life inĀ  such rural areas.
Solar lanterns can also be used as camping light, portable inspection light, in hospitals, check posts…uses are myriad.