“AVIN” Solar Cooker

Solar cooker shown alongside is developed for a normal family size of 4 to 5 members. Cooker body is twin wall aluminum sheet fabricated. Twin glass sheets with air insulation allow for maximum solar heat entrapment. Four containers are provided to cook food. These containers are  of aluminum and are blackodized. The hinged cover to the cooker has a reflecting mirror and the angle of the mirror can be varied . This type of cooker is ideal for rural and semi-urban settings and will also work fine in urban centres, saving housewives an enormous amount of fuel every year.

In addition to personal cookers described above cookers can be designed and commissioned for community cooking using various design aspects of solar energy utilization. 

“AVIN” Solar Cooker can cook food without any cooking gas or kerosene, electricity, coal or wood. This cooker works with the solar energy, which is available free. A solar cooker can cook two meals per day for four to five persons. Solar Cooker Can Cook by Roasting, it can back. Solar Cooker suits very well for the food habits and meal timings of rural households. Solar Cooker can be used for cooking several items like pulses, rice, kheer, khichri, vegetables, cereals, etc. Some special dishes like Muthia, Handva, Patra, Idli, Dhokia, Lapsi, Dudhpak, Pulao and soups can also be cooked. To add to the list, we can bake bread, biscuits, cake and nankhatai, etc. The non-vegetarian items like fish, chicken, meat curry, shahi kababs, etc., which are boiled or roasted can also be prepared in a solar cooker. Solar Cooker cannot be used for making rotis, chapatis, rotla,Puri , bhajiya , Pakoda etc. as well as for frying. It can’t cook food for more than 4-5 persons at a time. It is not useful during non-sunny days.

It’s a Best Cooking Apparatus for highly Efficient LADY as she can put the food for cooking and can handle /do many other activities and food is ready within 2 hours without any tension …..As also Our sales people says its Best for Tired or Sick Lady…too.. She can sleep for 2hrs and FOOD is prepared without any attention