Profile of Jigar Brahmbhatt


Profile of Jigar Brahmbhatt

Jigar Brahmbhatt is managing International Engineering & Trading Co and also Avin Energy Systems Pvt Ltd in his capacity as Joint Managing Director.

A science graduate with a diploma in business management he is the driving force behind the successes of the two companies.

Handling the aspects of Marketing, Selling of a wide variety of Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic Systems under the guidance and training of father Mr.Avinash Brahmbhatt, the doyen of Solar Energy in Gujarat

Managing a total factory staff of 35 workers, handling production schedules, liaisoning with the public sector and govt. companies to get orders for Solar Systems

Presently heading the solar division and Fundamental Commissioning Authority for LEED Green Building of the company whilst also working in decision making, policy matters. Gained experience on land procurement and wind velocity assessment for the Windmills division of the company.

Mr. Jigar Brahmbhatt has over 18 years of experience in New and Non-conventional Energy Including Geothermal and solar industry in India, covering a broad range of activities including Solar thermal and Photovoltaic products marketing and manufacturing and helped company pioneer in the state of Gujarat for the same. www.avinsolar.com.With the public relations and clients satisfaction skills he has developed, helped company to achieve most of its goals and earned one of the highest positions today. He has studied international market through intense abroad traveling and meeting various company officials for non-conventional energy sector. He led the company for Wind power ventures earlier and had a successful business conception with European company (yet confidential) which is still under process.

He is helping the company, with the experience he has earned, finishing huge projects within time constrain without compromising the quality and satisfying valuable clients for year afterwards. He is managing the staff over 35 persons by learning and supporting purchase, production schedules and liaison with the public sector government and privet companies. He have got a unique ‘never say no’ attitude with practical streamlining thinking and decision making qualities.

With technical and practical experience, he has given intelligent inputs in the research activities of the company for increasing efficiency of existing products and developing new state-of-the art products. Presently, he is head of the solar division and helping Avinash Brahmbhatt for Geothermal Power Project for and on higher value addition.

In addition he actively pursues cultural activities with TOXA and Jaycees International Club.